Two Comments on News Coverage of the Trial of Trayvon Martin's Killer

June 28, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper |



To equate the term “cracker” with the term “nigger” is like equating a Jew in Nazi Germany calling a concentration camp guard a “kraut” with that guard calling that Jew a “kike.” The term “nigger” carries the sting of the lash because it has state power and 400 years of organized, systematic, and unpunished rape, robbery, and murder behind it, down to today; the other term does not.


Memo to all too many of the “talking heads” and commentators on the trial:

Are you trying to reveal your utterly racist scorn for the witness Rachel Jeantel... or is it just that you can’t help your sorry-ass white supremacist selves?

Well, either way—FUCK YOU!

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