Crowdfund the BA Everywhere Indiegogo Campaign Through Social Media

July 7, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper |


You are needed to make sure that many, many people find out about this campaign and donate to make it real. Share and spread this online, and get your friends together to help it reach farther. Whether you have five minutes or five hours, you can help!

Three Ways to Spread This:

  1. Donate! Then tell your social network why you donated, ask them to donate too and post links to the Indiegogo campaign [], the updates, and the campaign video to your social networks. Follow and repost from, Check and every day.
  2. Join the @BAEverywhere daily Twitter storm from 6 pm-9 pm EDT starting Monday, July 1. Wednesday, July 3, and Thursday, July 4 will be particularly important, going up against the celebration of this monstrous empire and giving people ways to contribute to making really radical change. Steal our tweets to get this out wider and trending—don't retweet.

    Use our tweets and Facebook posts and write your own! Make sure to link the indiegogo campaign []. Let us know where you post and what's the response, positive and negative, what questions get brought up, and discussions that get provoked! We want to hear from you and your thoughts!
  3. Volunteers needed: email BAEverywhere[at] if you can contribute by:
    • researching active pages, groups (Bradley Manning, Turkey, Brazil, Israel/Palestine, abortion, etc.) and organizations on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Volunteers are also needed to post to the list as part of an organized effort.
    • assist in specializing our content: email feedback, any ideas, tips, and advice, and best practices.


Send us your comments.

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