Abortion Rights Freedom Ride Kicking Off
First Major Stop:  North Dakota

July 28, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


After send-off rallies on July 23 in New York City and San Francisco, caravans are travelling from both coasts, rallying and gathering support along the way, arriving in North Dakota before August 1 when new laws are set to shut down the last abortion clinic in the state. Then, down to Wichita where those who courageously re-opened the clinic of Dr. George Tiller following his assassination by an anti-abortion gunman are facing serious and escalating threat. On to Jackson, Mississippi, where a temporary court injunction is the only thing keeping the last remaining clinic in the state open. All along the way, the Freedom Ride will protest and confront the anti-abortion woman-haters, erect visual displays that tell the truth about abortion and birth control, collect and amplify women's abortion stories in order to break the silence, defend the clinics and providers most under attack, and meet with people to build lasting organization to DEFEAT the whole war on women.

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