Cook County Jail Retaliates Against Gregory Koger, Revolutionary Hunger Striker

August 4, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper |


This is from an alert that was sent out by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network Chicago:

Cook County jail has sent Gregory Koger for a “psychological evaluation” multiple times since he was sent to jail on Tuesday, July 23, citing as grounds his hunger strike in solidarity with thousands of California prisoners who are on hunger strike to end the torture of solitary confinement.

We demand an end to this retaliation—Hands Off Gregory Koger!

  • Protest at 5 PM Monday (7/29) in front of the Cook County Jail, 2700 S. California, Chicago
  • Call Sheriff Tom Dart (312 603 6444) & demand an end to this retaliation!
  • Sign the petition to release Gregory from jail! See

We learned today (Sunday, 7/28) that Gregory was placed on the psychiatric ward at the jail after a visit from a lawyer on Thursday and again after a visit from friends today, preventing other friends from seeing him. Prisoners who are making a conscious political statement by going on hunger strike are put in a dangerous situation when they are labeled “emotionally” or “mentally” unstable. That label is used to justify forced feeding at Guantánamo and explain the death of a hunger striker at Corcoran prison in California on July 22. By putting that label on Gregory, the jail is segregating him from other prisoners and putting his health and safety in jeopardy. This situation must stop immediately.

Gregory Koger does not belong in jail at all and he certainly doesn’t belong in Cook County Jail’s psychiatric ward. The authorities cannot be allowed to exact revenge for a righteous political stand.

Stop Mass Incarceration Network Chicago


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