"This Film is HOPE for me cause i know things are going to get real…"

August 4, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


We greatly appreciate receiving these letters from prisoners and encourage prisoners to keep sending us correspondence. The views expressed by the writers of these letters are, of course, their own; and they are not responsible for the views published elsewhere in our paper.

The following letter from a prisoner was sent to the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund:

Deep South, 4/8/13


Dear Family of the Struggle!

I am deeply whole heart that this new film BA Speaks is the push we have needed, and its right on time. By its been premiered in the most bigger cities are on point as well. Most as important is the youth will see this and learn about whats really going on in this reality we live, and why shit is fucked up the way it is, and how we can change this reality we are living before its to late. The film also shows big ass progress for most BA. The understanding of whats needed to be done now that you know the problem and how i can fix this shit. And i do have the real power with me; the mass will come together, but until then we need more of reality, the real reality so people can wake up out of the dream world of bullshit, lies. This Film is HOPE for me cause i know things are going to get real and people are going to be very happy to know we have a plan and a leader in BA. Also I want to thank you'll for all the hard work and the love for prisoners. Thank you!!!

Brother of Da Struggle

I would like to request a copy of BAsics please!

The Struggle Cont...

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