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August 25, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper |


The world roils with huge life and death questions about the future of humanity including the survival of the planet. For all the glitter and wealth, for all the inclusion of a few of those formerly locked out who come from oppressed peoples and women who now have been allowed into positions of prestige and power in countries around the world, the real situation for the majority of people is more perilous, more desperate than ever. The promise and dream of a better world seems a cruel illusion. But, there is a way forward for humanity. That requires revolution—nothing less. A genuinely emancipatory revolution for all of humanity requires having a liberating vision and framework for what a radically new society should be and requires a revolutionary strategy to achieve it.

We have that in the work of Bob Avakian—BA. There is a national campaign to make BA’s work, his leadership, and vision and framework for a radically better way the world could be, known throughout the country with impact around the world: The BA Everywhere Campaign. If your conscience can’t tolerate the outrages of this society, if you want to contribute to bringing a new, liberatory world into being, if you are feeling that without really radical change that gets at the root of the problems people face then all the oppression will just go on and on, then BA Everywhere, a multifaceted fundraising campaign to raise the money to make BA and this liberating theory known, is the campaign for you.

For reports on the REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! Van Tours in August in four areas around the U.S.—New York, Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area, and Los Angeles—go online to the BA Everywhere page at

Bob Avakian has developed a scientific methodology to go to work on the fundamental questions of what is the source of all the problems humanity faces and, most fundamentally, what is the solution. He has forged a scientific approach and foundational answers that provide a road forward. Over the last several decades, BA has worked to sum up the positive and negative experience of the communist revolution so far and, drawing from a broad range of human experience, he has developed a new synthesis of communism that is a viable vision and strategy for a radically new, and much better, society and world, and he provides the crucial leadership that is needed to carry forward the struggle toward that goal. (For a full explanation of this, see

Right now the heart of BA Everywhere is the daring, substantive, scientific summoning to revolution in the 6+ hour film (and DVD) BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! Bob Avakian Live. In a film that pulls no punches, BA digs into the horrors people face, the criminal nature of this system, the ways people are systematically lied to, miseducated, and offered false consolation and worse through religion. This talk will change how you understand what the source of all the horror that humanity faces is. Here is a film of liberation aimed at the emancipation of all humanity. Here, BA lays out a pathbreaking strategy for building a movement for revolution in this time. Here is a film of hope on a scientific foundation.

For more information, to join a BA Everywhere committee in your area, and to contribute to BA Everywhere, go to BA Everywhere at or visit a Revolution Books store.

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