Obama's speech on Syria through a Truth Translator

September 16, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


From an activist in North Carolina

I ran Obama's speech on Syria through a Truth Translator that I developed... here now are the results.

"Dear suckers,

"I know we've used white phosphorus against Iraqi civilians, I know we used napalm in the process of killing three million Koreans and two million Vietnamese; I know it's anything but a slam-dunk case that Assad's the one who used those weapons (that killed waaaaaay fewer people than my drones have, btw); and I know that this isn't really about democracy, but about controlling the most oil-rich region on earth so that we, instead of Russia or France or Iran, keep our whip hand over the tap, but trust me. We need to do this. And by 'we,' I mean the 1%. It'd be awesome if we could count on you to go along with the program, keep on voting, keep on praying, and keep on tuning in for further instructions, mmkay?

"Also, it would be just super if you didn't protest or do anything that arouses suspicion and makes me look up your phone and email records.

"Thanks a bunch, and God Bless America, losers,

"The 'Prez.'"

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