Fall 2013 Drive to Financially Sustain revcom.us

October 7, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Right now, you are needed to become, or renew being, a regular financial sustainer of revcom.us with a regular monthly contribution. This can be monthly commitments of $500, $100 or $10, depending on your capability. All of it matters.

In Revolution #318 we announced the Fall 2013 Sustainer Drive for revcom.us. A great deal rides on how well the revcom.us website can play its role, enabling humanity to understand and radically change the world. It is really indispensable. On revcom.us a visitor can find what this whole revolution is about and find their place in it. And it’s the main way people around the world can encounter and engage the new synthesis of communism brought forward by Bob Avakian.

Consider the need to not only maintain revcom.us but dramatically improve and expand its influence and reach. Financially contributing, on a regular monthly basis, really is a critical way for a great variety of people to be part of this. And it can make all the difference in the world.

Pledge today online at revcom.us (click through to “Sustain”), or go to your local Revolution newspaper distributor, or the Revolution Books store or outlet nearest you. You can also send checks or money orders to: RCP Publications, Box 3486 Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL 60654. Make checks payable to “RCP Publications.”

If this is the first time you’ve considered sustaining revcom.us, start now. If you are a sustainer, consider increasing your amount. If you have sustained in the past but are not sustaining now, pick it up again. If you have been a sustainer but have missed some payments, help figure out how those funds can be systematically turned in. Let others know, and think big.

This past summer, after the system exonerated the murderer of Trayvon Martin, people everywhere saw signs in Sanford, Florida—“We Are All Trayvon Martin,” “The Whole Damn System Is Guilty,” “BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS!”—prominently signed with “revcom.us.”

In the few days after the jolt of that verdict, the number of daily visits to revcom.us tripled, at a time when a great many people around the country were searching for answers to why this happened, what it says about the society we live in, and what to do about it. For the month of July, over 84,000 different people visited revcom.us, 12,000 more than any previous month.

As people lift their heads, because of that verdict or because of other jolts in the mix right now, their ability to find revcom.us and learn how what has moved them relates to all the outrages people face around the world; how this is the result of the system we live under, how this can be resolved with revolution; that there is a strategy for that revolution; that there is the vision, understanding and leadership we have for this; and that they can find their place in it—this depends on you.

Support revcom.us!

July 2013, Sanford, Florida, outside the courthouse during the trial of Trayvon Martin’s killer.

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