Letter from a Prisoner:

This New Synthesis of Communism is the program that we need to be getting down with, otherwise we are screwed

October 7, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


P.R.L.F. Volunteers,

Hello my friends, how y'all be? No new problems on my end of things, I'm still breathing so there is always the possibility that things will get better.

Maybe ten years ago I read a book named Soledad Brother: The Prison Letters of George Jackson by George Jackson, which is basically a compilation of letters that George wrote while serving an indeterminate sentence of one (1) year to life inside of the California Penal System. In one of George's letters he wrote about a nightmare that he had. While sleeping one night he had a vision in his pillow of him being dead and buried, but from his grave he heard a voice screaming, "DERELICT". Soon George realized that it was the voice of a young man cursing his name, as he sat inside of the exact same prison cell that George was once confined to, for not seeing the Revolution all the way through completing the abolishment of "the imperialist state, with its massive machinery of death and destruction as well as its well honed repressive apparatus of police, prisons and courts". Last night I had the same fucking nightmare George had.

Comrade George was gunned downed and murdered by prison guards of San Quentin Correctional facility before I was even born, but sometimes I wonder if he can hear me as I fuss over many injustices this system inflicts upon the vast majority of us, Globally, while sit here in this cage, Solitarily Confined.... Make no mistakes about it, I do realize George is dead and he can't hear shit in the state that he is in, but you can dig what im saying, right?.... Since George was on the scene the repressive apparatus of police, prisons and courts has developed in such a way, that out of necessity the "Stop Mass Incarceration Network" has been formed, and is now being developed as a means to raise the conscious level of the masses and beat back its forces. The Leadership of Bob Avakian and the New Synthesis of Communism, with his scientific approach and method of combatting those repressive forces, is constantly being developed in correspondence to all of this as well, while people like myself learn to deeply probe, investigate and experiment with reality, and begin to appreciate and understand the significance of Bob Avakian's Leadership in relation to combatting and actually defeating the repressive forces of this superstructure.

George Jackson's nightmare should be shared and envisioned by everyone living inside these dismal crypts, and we all need to develop "Revolutionary Tenseness", fearing the day that some young brother will disturb us as we lie in our final resting place, cursing our name accusing us of abandoning our duties to realize the "4-All's" and the Abolition of the imperialist state Period.

As I have said before, this New Synthesis of Communism is the program that we need to be getting down with, other wise we are screwed. We Need Revolution and Nothing less than that, other wise 35 yrs. from now another young Brother will be sitting in this exact same cage that I am sitting in right now dealing with this madness. In fact, the level of madness will have developed to a higher stage by then if no radical change takes place, because things are only getting worse. I say we get on board and help develop this New Stage of Communism, how many of us will have to experience George's nightmare before we get it right.


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