"Y' Ever Notice?"

October 28, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Ever notice how some people are absolutely certain that you can’t be sure that anything is true?

Ever notice how people who say “you can only talk about your own experience” have already talked about other people’s experience the minute they said that?

Ever notice how the only college students who think they should change how people think are the ones in marketing?

Ever worry that having a brand might make people mistake you for cattle?

Ever wonder who wrote your narrative?

Ever notice how people who say “I already know all that” really don’t?

Ever notice how people who say “I’m good” really aren’t?

Ever notice how safety for some means danger for others? 

Ever wonder why that’s so—or if it has to be that way?

Ever notice how people who say “I don’t believe in objective reality” live in it—and often rather comfortably at that?

Ever notice how people who accuse you of having no sense of humor get very serious indeed about their right to tell anti-woman, anti-Black, anti-gay, etc. jokes?

Ever notice how “feeling funny about participating in ‘someone else’s struggle’” leaves things just as they are?

Ever notice how ambivalence has a way of turning into tacit approval?

Ever worry that doing good in a bad world just enables the badness to keep going?


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