We ARE Building a Movement for Revolution and Building the Party as Its Leading Core

December 4, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


In all of our work, it has been very important to emphasize that we ARE building a movement for revolution, and that all that we do must proceed from the strategy for revolution that the Party has put forward. In line with that strategy, it is also decisive that we build the Party as the leading core of that movement for revolution.

If there is to be a revolution, there must be a revolutionary party.

All those who see the burning need for revolution, who are working to build the movement for revolution, need to confront the reality that without a strong vanguard party, without the Revolutionary Communist Party, there can be no revolution in this country. And without new forces stepping forward now to build and strengthen this Party, there will not be the strong core of leadership that the revolution must have.

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As the Constitution of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA puts it:

"Making revolution against a powerful and vicious enemy—and going on from there to bring into being a whole new world, without exploitation and oppression—is an incredibly challenging and complex process! Such a revolution requires leadership; it requires an organization with a sweeping vision, a scientific method to analyze reality and how to go about changing it, and serious discipline. An organization that can awaken and unleash the revolutionary potential of the masses of people, direct their outrage against the real enemy, and loft their sights to the emancipation of all humanity. An organization that can chart the path through extreme ups and downs, and dangerous twists and turns. That organization is the revolutionary vanguard party. Only with an organization such as this can the masses rise to the historic challenges, and win their emancipation."

There is such a Party—the RCP, USA—led by its Chairman Bob Avakian.

This Party is built on and takes as its foundation the new synthesis of communism that has been brought forward through the body of work and method and approach of Bob Avakian. The fact that BA leads this Party is a huge strength for the revolution and for this Party, and one that must not be squandered. The members of the RCP, USA are united in their profound desire for a radically different and better world, and their understanding of the need for revolution to get to that world. They have dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to revolution, and on the basis of that they channel their individual abilities and passions to the cause and needs of this revolution.

The statement On the Strategy for Revolution correctly argues: to prepare the people and to hasten the conditions for revolution, and for the revolution to have a chance of winning, there must be leadership, and there is leadership. But there is work to be done...

"To support and strengthen our Party as the overall leadership of this revolution. The more our Party’s revolutionary viewpoint and strategy is spread and gains influence throughout society...the more that people come to understand and agree with what the Party is all about, and join its ranks on that basis...the more the Party’s 'reach' extends to every corner of the country...the greater its organizational strength and its ability to withstand and to lead people forward in the face of government repression aimed at crushing resistance and killing off revolution—the more the basis for revolution will be prepared and the more favorable the chance of winning."


"The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA has taken the responsibility to lead revolution in the U.S., the belly of the imperialist beast, as its principal share of the world revolution and the ultimate aim of communism. This is a great and historic undertaking–and all those who yearn to see this happen should rally to and support this vanguard, working together with the party, building support for it and, on the basis of taking up the cause and outlook of communism, joining it. 

"The emancipation of all humanity: this, and nothing less than this, is our goal. There is no greater cause, no greater purpose to which to dedicate our lives."

(from the Constitution of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA)

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