$1000 Challenge from a Neighborhood Revolution Club

December 16, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


This letter was written by a young Latina who is part of a neighborhood Revolution Club

During the month of December we set a goal to fundraise $1000 for the BA Everywhere campaign. We have been doing a number of things to raise those $1000. From selling chocolates, making tamales, to hosting a community picnic. We have been working together with all kinds of people from different backgrounds. We all see the importance in this campaign, this leader and of course this Revolution! There is a big importance in this BA Everywhere campaign whose goal is to get this leader, vision and body of work into every corner of society.

Just think about all the horrors that are happening in the world today. Not only to a small section of people but to the majority of humanity who are kept in the shadows, believing it's their own fault that they are in that situation, not knowing it's a system behind all these horrors and suffering. From the oppression of black people, mass incarceration, the oppression of women, the attacks on abortion rights, the persecution of immigrants, families torn apart! These are just some of the many crimes that are done to humanity. And even if you are not one of the millions being affected by all this, you are still living in the same world where all this is being done!

And the real question is, are you okay going about your life knowing all this is happening? Or will you do something about getting rid of all these horrors. And what can you do? DONATE!

Imagine the difference this can make. If Bob Avakian was everywhere in this society. People reading BAsics, the handbook to Revolution. Prisoners, those who are labeled as the worst of the worst! Imagine those prisoners learning why they are in prison and what is the REAL problem, that they are not the problem but actually they can be part of the backbone of this Revolution! Imagine people watching BA Speaks: Revolution—Nothing Less!, the film of a talk given by BA which opens people's eyes to how this society works, that it's not our fault, it is not human nature but a system. Or the film Stepping into the Future, having this beautiful film playing in movie theaters all across the world. People seeing that there is actually a possibility of a different world. Seeing a whole different culture, how wonderful and uplifting it would be. Think about the difference all that would make. All of this changed my life! And made me think about what I wanted my life to be about which is changing the world and I know BA has changed many people's lives and what their lives are about.

So, this is a challenge to everyone that reads this. Pull out a blank check and match our $1000. I want to challenge 10 people to write a $1000 check and together we can fundraise over $10,000 for this campaign. Think of the importance and huge difference this would make!


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