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An Observation on Framework vs. Framework

January 27, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


It is often a struggle to get people to more systematically walk through what we, the revolutionaries, are actually talking about, working on, and where in reality that vision and strategy comes from AND CAN GO—in the way that the many particular parts of the REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! speech and the speech as a whole does. And also conversely, they often do not approach what they think about how the world changes, can be changed, or should be changed as A THEORY—a framework for how and what they think about and advocate for—whether it’s nonviolence as an absolute moral value, or “radical feminism,” or Occupy-ism, etc...

So a couple of times I’ve just raised: “OK, tell me: how will your path get us past the present system, and toward a world without exploitation and oppression of one group over another? Tell me how the powers that be and their whole empire with all its horrors will be vanquished by what you say people should do (whatever their thing is)?”

And I think that while we should be projecting what our understanding is, not mainly darting around THEIR theories, puncturing them here or there, that by bringing out this challenge—tell me HOW your peaceful/anti-corporate/leaderless/religious path will get to a different world system and condition for humanity?—pretty quickly can sharpen up whether someone is basically CONTENT with the way things are, or whether they do actually think there is something fundamentally rotten and intolerable in the way things are.


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