One Billion Rising for Justice:
Forging a Worldwide Community of Resistance to Women's Oppression

January 27, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


Editors' note: We are sharing excerpts from a letter from Andy Zee, spokesperson for Revolution Books in New York City, on the importance of the One Billion Rising For Justice events, suggestions for how Revolution Books stores might participate in, and bring revolution into the mix. We feel the letter will be helpful to all revolutionaries in making plans to relate to this important day.


One Billion Rising for Justice is a very positive international manifestation against the abuse of women. It takes place on February 14 this year. The day forges a sense of world-wide community of joyful resistance to what is one of the deepest and most vicious forms of oppression—the brutalization, degradation, denial of the basic humanity of women.

The oppression of women is completely bound up with class society, it is a cornerstone of this system and the liberation of women is a decisive driving force in making revolution and carrying revolution forward to the full and complete emancipation of humanity around the world.

Revolutionaries should be a part of One Billion Rising for Justice, bringing revolution into the day and the streets—a total revolution for the liberation of women and the emancipation of humanity all over the world. As part of that, I strongly feel that Revolution Books should be a part of—and a site for—One Billion Rising for Justice this year. The store should be a place people come on 2/14 to Rise Up—an event should be planned and happening in the store and the store should lead people to dance in the street—bringing people from around the city to the store and activating the neighborhood to join in.

One Billion Rising for Justice at Revolution Books should give exuberant and substantive expression to this day. We should not think that there isn't great joy in unleashing the fury of women as a mighty force for revolution—and indeed the joy expressed in the potential of millions dancing around the world on V-Day should inspire even greater determination to work for the liberation of women as part of a total revolution. The Revolution Books One Billion Rising event should be coordinated with the citywide activities so that those who come to the store can join the "snake" dance that I believe will lead to some convergences which supporters and friends of Revolution Books can join.

People can sign up to participate and get in touch with the V-Day coordinators at


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