A Call to Prepare for May Day 2014

March 24, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


May Day, Chicago, 2013.

May 1st, 2014—a time to raise your voice and fight to end this modern day horror billions around the world live every day. May 1st, 2014—a time for internationalist celebrations in cities across this country. May 1st, the day when revolutionaries and broad numbers of people the world over take stock of their struggle, but more... look to and fight for a different and far better world. This is a time when our aspirations for the emancipation of all humanity are put front and center.

This is a call to prepare for May Day...

Let’s mobilize people to take history into their hands.

May Day is the day when people who are standing up and fighting the power should unite and take to the streets and raise their voices and boldly declare: WE REFUSE TO ACCEPT SLAVERY IN ANY FORM HERE AND AROUND THE WORLD! FIGHT THE POWER, AND TRANSFORM THE PEOPLE, FOR REVOLUTION!

Make your plans now, and then apply for permits—and most of all, unleash an expanding core of those people who look toward or sympathize with the movement for revolution with the Revolutionary Communist Party as its leading core to let people far and wide know what’s happening and why they should be there on May 1st! People who long for a different world should be there. Reach out to those who are fighting to end porn and patriarchy and defend women’s right to abortion. Reach out to those who are fed up with and compelled to stop the outrage of mass incarceration, which amounts to the slow genocide of oppressed peoples. Reach out to those who are moved to stop the wanton murder of Blacks and Latinos by the police and modern day vigilantes. Reach out to those who are mobilizing to fight global climate change. And those who are fed up with capitalism. And reach out to a broad swath of people from the middle classes, and especially students and other young people who do not want to live in a society that perpetrates these outrages on a daily basis.

And, as we reach out and draw people into this resistance, let’s give full play to young people who can organize drum corps and cultural expressions on those days. All this will take work to inspire, organize, and lead—starting now!

Across the country, immigrants and those who are taking up the fight for immigrants’ rights are calling for marches and actions. Occupiers are organizing. And, from Earth Day, April 22 through May 1, people who are outraged at the destruction of the environment and the planet, and are fighting to turn this around, are planning to come into the streets. Let’s organize powerful contingents that unite with the fighting spirit of those who are standing up against these outrages and bring to them the truth that the world does not have to be this way. Another world is possible, a world where people are not oppressed and exploited, where people can be the caretakers of the Earth.

Let’s build contingents and go into these May Day actions and speak to the youth of all nationalities who face a future of oppression and degradation. Let’s speak to those fighting for immigrants whose only “crime” is struggling to survive in this world of horrors and tell them their fight is our fight. And that a world is possible where immigrants are not forced to live in the shadows and with the constant fear of being detained in horrific conditions, deported, separated from their families and children. Let’s bring to people the fact that we could have a world which fights to end the horrific destruction of the Earth and where people see themselves as the caretakers of the Earth.

Let’s raise the red flag of revolution and real liberation and draw people who gravitate to this into these contingents and impact these May Day actions.

And, as part of the May Day events, let’s hold truly internationalist celebrations that bring together people of all nationalities, from all over the world, to celebrate May 1st, 2014. With music, spoken word, and other artistic expressions—with good food and, most of all, a spirit of people living in this country celebrating May Day together and in unity with people all over the world who are fighting the power. The campaign to get BA Everywhere can and should be at the heart of these celebrations, bringing forward and sponsoring them together with other forces, including Revolution Books.

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