Abortion Rights Are in a State of Emergency

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April 7, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


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Abortion rights are in a state of emergency, and headed for disaster. 

Abortion rights in this country hang by a thread.  It is urgent that everyone act now to stop this war on women. Forcing women to have children against their will is a form of enslavement.  Abortion On Demand and Without Apology!


Women across the country who cannot access safe abortions are attempting to self-abort by inserting sharp objects up their vaginas, taking pills, asking their boyfriends to beat them up, throwing themselves down the stairs, overdosing, and more. Of those who do not die, many are forced to give birth to unwanted children and are trapped in abusive relationships and/or driven (deeper) into poverty.  Others are forced to carry the pregnancy to term only to be separated from a baby they cannot care for.  This is the future for all women if this war on women is not massively resisted and defeated!

  • The week of April 28, the same Federal District court that upheld the clinic closures in Texas will rule on a similar bogus law which could close the last clinic in Mississippi.
  • In March, 2014, the Alabama House of Representatives passed a ban on abortion at six weeks, with no exception for rape or incest!  This comes on top of: parental consent, state-mandated "counseling" and ultrasounds, mandatory waiting periods, and limited access to public funds for reproductive healthcare. Alabama is one of the poorest states in the nation, with 19 percent of women living below the poverty line.
  • In Mississippi, anti-abortion fanatics have told patients and clinic escorts to kill themselves, that they are “whores” and “sluts,” that women don't even deserve the right to vote, and other such garbage.  In New York City, they accuse Black and Latina women of carrying out “genocide” against their “race”, they call women “murderers,” and spread lies about the “dangers” of abortion.  This type of thing goes on at hundreds of clinics all across the country every single day.


Hillary Clinton: “I for one, respect those who believe that there are no circumstances under which any abortions should ever be available.”

Wendy Davis: “I would have and could have voted to allow [a 20-week ban on abortion] to go through, if I felt like we had tightly defined the ability for a woman and a doctor to be making this decision together...”

...and Obama has repeatedly said he supports restrictions on abortion and “respects the views” of and seeks “common ground” with those who will not be satisfied until all abortions are illegal.


There can be no “common ground” with those who are fighting for female enslavement.  The fight over abortion has never been about babies, it has always been about control over women.

For far too long, pro-choice people have hoped that the Democrats or the courts would somehow stop this fascist assault on women.  Too many people have remained passive, or funneled all their energies into supporting politicians who have openly promised to seek “common ground” with forces who are fighting for female enslavement.  This is unacceptable.  Seeking “common ground” has really meant ceding ground to this whole onslaught.  Very much owing to this wrong approach of relying on official politics, for decades we have watched as yesterday's outrage became today's “compromise position” and tomorrow's limit of what can be imagined. 

In reality, the future is up to us! This whole direction must be uncompromisingly resisted and defeated!  This requires changing the terms by telling the truth:  Fetuses are NOT babies.  Abortion is NOT murder.  Women are NOT incubators.  Women need:  Abortion On Demand and Without Apology!  And it requires going out into the streets and waging massive, public, uncompromising, political resistance.  We must rely on ourselves – and mobilize the outrage of others – to STOP THIS WAR.



Fact sheet created by StopPatriarchy.org.

Sources cited at:StopPatriarchy.org/Fact-Sheet




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