Atlanta, April 5:

Hundreds Rally and March Against Deportations

April 14, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


From readers:

As part of the April 5 national mobilization against deportations (see "April 5 Marches and Protests Across the U.S. Demand: Two Million, Too Many, "Not 1 More Deportation!"), a unity rally of 400 people, mostly Latinos, took place at the Georgia State Capital in Atlanta called, "Walk with Us to Stop Deportation, and Expand Deferred Action for All." Some came from rural areas in south Georgia encompassing the area around the Stewart Detention Center, one of the largest in the country for immigrants awaiting deportation. Others came from Dalton in north Georgia, which has been one of the largest centers for carpet manufacturers in the country, employing thousands of Latinos in years past. There were a number of speeches in Spanish. The urgency felt by people for immediate change was apparent on a number of banners, both professionally made and handmade signs, some reflecting the theme of the demonstrations planned in more than 50 cities: "Not 1 More Deportation, Deferred Action for All," "2 Million Too Many," and "Obama, Yes You Can." What we did not see was a sign reading "Deporter-in-Chief," popularized recently by the National Council of La Raza, one of the country's pre-eminent Latino organizations.

Soon after the rally, the people set out on a march to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) court and detention facility eight blocks away from the Capitol in downtown Atlanta. The demonstrators stretched out for 200 yards, surrounding half the building for about an hour. A very dramatic culmination to the day came when agitators on bullhorns urged well over 100 participants—who carried posters with the names of various friends and family incarcerated awaiting deportation—to pin them to the fence. This was done en masse and brought out a defiant cheer from the crowd.

Hundreds of palm cards promoting BAsics quote 1:14 were distributed: "Now I can just hear these reactionary fools saying, 'Well Bob, answer me this. If this country is so terrible, why do people come here from all over the world? Why are so many people trying to get in, not get out?'...Why? I'll tell you why. Because you have fucked up the rest of the world even worse than what you have done in this country. You have made it impossible for many people to live in their own countries as part of gaining your riches and power."


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