Pledge to Defend Abortion Rights and Defeat the War on Women

April 14, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


This pledge was read aloud as part of the April 11-12 emergency actions to defend abortion rights:


We affirm that women are full human beings with the moral, ethical and legal right to decide when to be mothers.

We reject the view that a woman's highest purpose is to bear children, even those she does not want or cannot care for.

We stand united against the escalating violence and degradation of women all over the world and demand unfettered access to birth control and abortion services for women and girls.

We refuse to be silent as these rights are diminished and obliterated through terror, stigma, fear and shame.

We are here today in the memory of all those who died and were butchered in the attempt to exercise reproductive freedom.

We are here to testify and sound the alarm to the millions that need the courage to step forth with strength, purpose and power.

We are here to support the courageous providers of abortion who will be alone if we do not defend and replenish them…

And we are here in support of women everywhere who will be enslaved to forced motherhood if we ourselves do not take the responsibility to turn this tide.

Not sometime in the future, but now.

We pledge resistance—to defy fear, to shatter silence, and to break down the isolation. We refuse to wait for politicians or courts to make our will known. We pledge to raise our voices and to fill the streets, to make art and wage protest, to defend doctors and assist women, to change hearts and enlighten minds. We pledge to call forth thousands and soon millions to join us until we have STOPPED these attacks and DEFEATED this war.

NO MORE women denied the right to dream, the right to live, the right to love, the right to decide for themselves. WE WILL RESIST.

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