People Respond to a Challenge from a Harlem Youth on "Where We Are in the Revolution"

May 7, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


From readers:


This is a challenge from a youth in his early teens from Harlem, a member of the Revolution Club, who will be at the talk by the Revolutionary Communist Party, "Where We Are in the Revolution" (to be given on May 10 in New York City), and wants to know if YOU will be there too:


Here are some responses we've gotten so far:

"I'm responding to a challenge from a young man to get with the revolution and I'm challenging others to do the same. You need to be there on May 10 because the way society is now affects everyone. We can change the negative to the positive.

"You can see how the revolution plans to make the change. We thought we were beyond the slavery and all the civil rights marching and protesting. Now even with a Black president and some people having some success in the society we still got this genocide. Millions of us locked up in prison a lot of them are kids—many of them are innocent. These kids are getting slaughtered and there is no future for them and nowhere for them to go except to the revolution. BA and the party he leads have a solution and a place for them. Put them in the Revolution Club. This influence is important.

"I'm going to May 10th because I want to raise my game and be part of the revolution. The system has its foot on our backs and someone is coming out and saying, 'Hey! We're making this revolution and here's how we can do it.'"

—Woman from Harlem


"Tell the young person I'm an adult and I want revolution too. I WILL BE THERE ON THE 10TH. I want to be convinced there is a way we can do it. I'll be there."

—Ex-prisoner who did 25 years


"BA's [New Year's] statement boils it down into a few words, a lot of meaning. I have not been doing what I need to be doing for a while but that needs to change. I want the youth to know I'm coming to the RCP speech."

—Ex-prisoner, 30 years behind bars


"...Adults need to reconnect to their childhood and imagination so they can envision and see revolution. Thank you for a step in the right direction. I will be there on the 10th."

—Young woman fashion designer and chef


Tell that young man to stay strong stay focused on the revolution. That's my little brother in the struggle and I'm proud of him.  That's some strong talk from a 12 year old. A lot of us who are older have lost our way. They got us fighting each other and destroying ourselves. 

I'm coming on the 10th traveling from miles away because I've been a victim—a captive of the system. I was what they call a "menace to society"when I was young I made some bad choices that cost me 23 years of my life. I'm coming on the 10th because I want to start making some good choices.

—Ex-prisoner, 23 years behind bars



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