The Calculations of a War Criminal... and a Criminal System

June 23, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


The debate over what to do in Iraq is being framed by the system by how much America has already "done for Iraq," how much the war has cost and any new moves will cost America.

Obama invoked this logic to justify and build acceptance in a war-weary population for his decision to send 300 military advisers to Iraq to help the reactionary Iraqi government fight Sunni jihadists.

He talked about how much American "blood and treasure ... has already been expended in Iraq."

He talked about the "deep scars"—for Americans!—left by the war in Iraq, such as "the loss of nearly 4,500 American patriots, many veterans carry the wounds of that war, and will for the rest of their lives," as well as the "intense emotions" the war generated.

Stop and think about how this system is training people to think.

First, to accept the lie that the U.S. went to Iraq to help the people.

Second, to ignore the horrendous devastation wreaked on Iraq—and to think ONLY about American lives and the "cost" to the U.S.

In short, to weigh all decisions based on cost-benefit analysis of what they do for "America"—never mind the predatory imperialist interests driving these decisions, or what they cost America's victims!

These are the calculations and logic of cold-blooded war criminals running a cold-blooded global empire of exploitation and oppression, enforced by massive violence.

Why should oppressed people swallow the oppressors' logic? Why should we think like they do? Stop thinking like "Americans"...Start thinking about humanity!

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