"There is a future worth living for and fighting to bring into being."

A Proclamation from the Revolution Club, Chicago

August 4, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Revolution Club presenting posters of a proclamation which launches an intense undertaking to build the movement for revolution. Photo: Special to Revolution

This is an important proclamation from Chicago. This effort was launched at the anti-July 4th picnic, “What to the Slave Is Your 4th of July? We Oppose Slavery in Any Form.” The proclamation is being widely popularized (including at the upcoming August 9 Bud Billiken Parade—the largest African-American parade in the U.S.). It has been posted on almost every pole and put on every doorstep in Chicago’s Southside neighborhood of Englewood. At the same time as it is being popularized, intense efforts are underway to make real what is called for in the proclamation and BA’s New Year’s Message.



Summer is upon us. This means brutalizing and murdering police run roughshod over us. We are not having this. It is past time to challenge the police’s right to act like the overseers in the old plantation days.

Summer means many more people killing and crippling each other, ending up in jail or paralyzed or dead at an early age. Ask yourself—why should we be doing this, when it is what they want us to do?

We are NOT about “pull up your pants” or “be polite” or cooperating with the police. Do not believe the hurtful lie that “you can make it if you try.” These false solutions put the blame on the people, while leaving the real source of the problem untouched—the capitalist system that causes the suffering of millions here and around the world.

We can’t sugarcoat this. The truth is we DO need to wake up and shake off the ways this system puts on us, including playing us to fight each other. Instead we need to be joining together—men and women together as equals—to go up against this system that has us in this mess in the first place.

What we do today can make a real difference in getting to the point where we finally can, as conditions change and develop, make a real go at overthrowing this system.

It is time everyone knows about this leader Bob Avakian (BA) who has been doing work since the 1960s on the goals and strategy to usher in a world fit for human beings.

We are declaring our intention to build up a REAL movement for revolution in Englewood and in other parts of Chicago as part of doing the same across the U.S. We are going to be active all summer building up the influence, the forces and the capacity of the movement for revolution.

And in October we will take another huge step nationally with a whole month of resistance to STOP mass incarceration. It is a world class crime that this system has put over 2½ million people, mainly Blacks and Latinos, in prison cages... Inner city youth demonized, turned into suspects and then shot down like Trayvon Martin. And hundreds of thousands of immigrants, even very small children, are jailed and deported. We say NO MORE to all of that.

You need to be part of this. It is not going to be easy, but the people who step into it now can make a huge difference—not just in our hoods or city or the U.S.—but for the world. There is a future worth living for and fighting to bring into being.


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