On the Struggle for Justice in Ferguson, MO and the Whole USA

August 13, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


We Need to SUPPORT the Courage of Our Youth When They Rise Up... NOT Denounce or Try to Suppress Them!!

The Struggle Needs Broadness, welcoming all kinds of people with different views on how to fight... AND The Struggle Needs DETERMINATION AND DARING.

Two Points on Al Sharpton:

1) No sooner did young people and others righteously and bravely rise up in Ferguson, Missouri—standing up against dogs, tear gas, guns and goddamn mothafucking tanks—then along came Al Sharpton to denounce them. Hey, Sharpton: instead of scolding the youth and others who directed their anger and their bravery and their daring where it NEEDS to be directed, who went up against tremendous odds in a righteous cause, how about SUPPORTING them? How about talking about how GOOD it is to see young people, who all too often direct their hurt and anger against each other, direct it instead against the real cause and the real culprits—this system, and this system’s murdering police? 

2) Al Sharpton attacks those who “have a cause.” Really? Well, quiet as it's kept, Sharpton himself DEFINITELY has a cause—the cause of getting people all caught up in the bullshit dead ends and safety valves that this system uses when people finally do rise up. WE have a whole different cause—REVOLUTION, to put an end to these outrages, these horrors and the whole genocidal program that the people on top of this prison-house society are running. That “cause” makes us totally down for fighting to win justice when this system brings its shit down on people, as it did to Michael Brown, and for standing with the youth and everyone else, of whatever view, who feel the same way. And it makes us totally down for REVOLUTION to bring in a whole other way, a whole other society, where millions of Black and Latino young people like Michael Brown are not harassed and hounded for nothing, are not disrespected by authorities and the larger society everywhere they go and with every breath they draw, and are not finally shot down in the streets for nothing, hours before he was to leave for college, and then left to lie there—NO!!!! HELL NO!!!! A whole better way is possible, where all nationalities of people can flourish and where women and men participate equally in building a new and emancipatory society, here and around the planet. And if jailing and shooting down one young Black or Latino person after another is all that the people running things now can do—and it is—along with all their other great crimes, then they need to get the fuck off the planet! And if all Al Sharpton can do is run his double-talk in defense of “working within the system” and against those who are fighting against it, then he needs to shut the fuck up.

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