SF Bay Area: Banners Over the Freeway for Ferguson

August 18, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


From readers:

After seeing pre-curfew attacks on people in Ferguson from police on news and livestream we stayed up to do banner big enough for a freeway overpass and went out a few hours later to catch morning rush hour. The banner had the words in big letters: PEOPLE IN FERGUSON ARE STANDING UP! IT'S RIGHT TO REBEL! REVCOM.US.

In the hour and a half we were on the overpass, many drivers honked their horns, including deafening blasts from truckers. We had our #HandsUp & some in cars also put their hands up as they passed below us. One driver honked her horn while the passengers in the car were shouting "yeah!" up at us waving their hands out the window. 

On the other hand we also got thumbs down and the finger from people as well with one truck driver yelling "fuck you!"

Photo: Special to Revolution

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