Antonio French—Bootlicker Supreme

August 20, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


What do you say about someone who not only attacks people who are standing up, who not only goes on TV to run slanders against the revolutionaries who are standing with those people, but who goes so far as to physically assault one of the revolutionaries (only of course when he has the backing of the armed pigs!)?  And all while posing, and being promoted as, the “champion” of the people.

Antonio French - Bootlicker Supreme

“Bootlicker” hardly captures the shame and low-life character of such a person.  Better to call him “Supreme Bootlicker.”

Such a title goes to Antonio French, an alderman from the city of St. Louis.  After getting arrested early in the protests—and getting notice and “credibility” for it—he became one of the “go-to spokespeople” for the media.  Yesterday, after police carried out yet another killing, this time in St. Louis, this bootlicker actually claimed credit for keeping things calm.  First off, why the hell is THAT—keeping people under the boot of the system—something to claim credit for?  Then he made out like this shows what you can do when you have Black people in the power structure.  Does this fool really want to claim that life is good, or even getting better, for the masses of Black people in St. Louis?  No, in fact, life is getting worse, with police repression serving to defend a system of high unemployment and no decent jobs, horrible education, bad health care, evictions and homelessness, and all the rest that is life for the Black masses in 2014 America. 

Antonio French, do the people a favor.  SHUT THE FUCK UP!!


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