From the Streets of Ferguson:

Governor Declares State of Emergency and Imposes Curfew in Ferguson

August 16, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


Missouri Governor Jay Nixon held a press conference in a Black church in Ferguson, Missouri, one week to the day after Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson shot unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown to death. He did not announce the indictment of the cop who killed Michael Brown.  He did not announce the jailing of Darren Wilson.  He did not apologize for the local police demonizing Michael Brown and attempting to justify his murder by alleging he had stolen cigars from a store minutes before his murder.

No! He announced that he was declaring a state of emergency in Ferguson and putting a midnight to 5 AM curfew into effect. The governor said, “We must first have and maintain peace.”  Where is the peace for Michael Brown?  Where is the peace for those that refuse to accept the cold-blooded murder of Michael Brown?  NO!  This is another attack on the people of Ferguson who had been in the streets every day and night since Michael’s murder demanding Justice For Michael Brown.  Michael Brown would have been just one more of the many Black men killed by the police if the young people had not filled the streets day after day. 

The Governor surrounded himself with local Black politicians and ministers for this announcement, but none of that disguised a very basic fact. The authorities refuse to indict the cop who murdered Michael Brown.  Instead, they are working overtime to control and suppress the anger of the people who have been fighting for justice. He even trotted out the Black state police officer who had presided over the “officer friendly” approach they had taken to policing the protests after the armored personnel carriers, tear gas and rubber bullets they unleashed on protesters had exposed the U.S. before people across the country and around the world. This cop promised that no unnecessary force would be used to enforce the curfew, which means they will consider any force they use to be necessary.

A few days ago, Obama, this governor and the Black state police officer talked of this being a time for healing, peace and calm in Ferguson.  The announcement of this curfew makes clear that the foundation of that healing, peace and calm is to be based on trying to drive the masses angered by Michael Brown’s murder out of the streets and force people to accept the murder of Michael Brown.

Carl Dix, Travis Morales and Juanita Young, some of the people working on the October Month of Resistance, who have come to Ferguson


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