To Those Who Voted for Obama: Let’s Evaluate the Reality

August 18, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


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You had hope that he was going to bring change. We said no, he will not stop the outrages of the system. We said that he would just provide cover for those outrages. We said that’s why he had been chosen to be president. We said we can only get rid of these outrages through revolution—and that a big part of that revolution has to be standing up and fighting back against the outrages that they bring down right now... NOT hoping once again in some savior from on high.

Now, six years later, we have to look at reality. And what conclusions must be drawn?

Maybe you saw the press conference that Obama did on August 14 about the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Dude looked bored, and annoyed, frankly. Here you got people—all kinds of people—righteously outraged over the murder of Michael Brown and the tear gassing of the people who protested. People correctly infuriated. And Obama just tells everyone to “be calm.” Calm?! Come the fuck on, man! A truly genocidal thing is going down, and you’re telling people to be calm?!? Naw.

And Obama only even did that because the rebellion in Ferguson had exposed the system he runs and put them on the defensive. People all over the world saying, “‘champion of human rights,’ my ass!” Then he gets up there to scold the youth who rebelled (and to signal a different tactic for the police).  

Face it. All this pull-up-your-pants, brother’s-keeper, we’ll-investigate-it-in-the-Justice-Department bullshit did nothing for Trayvon... did nothing for Jordan Davis, shot down by a klucker for loud music... did nothing for Eric Garner, strangled to death by New York pigs for selling loose cigarettes... and will do nothing for Michael Brown, shot down with his hands in the air, and now assassinated a second time, by slander. And it will do less than nothing for the millions of other Black and Latino youth who have no future under this rotten capitalist system.

Matter of fact, that’s the whole point of Obama’s thing. To make a phony show of concern to calm things down—while the whole genocidal program of mass incarceration and police harassment and murder of Black and Latino youth just keeps steaming on.

No. HELL NO! Fuck that and fuck anybody else who wants to get up there and act like a fireman for that system and its “commander-in-chief.”

'Cause that’s what it is. A system. From the slavery and genocide that gave rise to this empire and up to now—all it has ever produced is injustice. The form may change, but it ALL comes down to deep-rooted never-has-never-will-and-never-can-change injustice. Horrible attacks on people’s lives and spirits, grinding on day after day, in a thousand different ways, punctuated by the howling outrages like what happened to Michael Brown.

So let’s look at reality again, and let’s draw the conclusions we must. How long are we gonna let all this keep going on? We need nothing less than revolution, and a whole new system. And we need right now to draw inspiration from the people of Ferguson and all over who have stood up, we need to carry this further, and we need to take this into a month of resistance in October against this whole program of mass incarceration and police murder. A month of resistance involving thousands and thousands of different viewpoints, all saying NO.

And right now, you need to check out and get with the Revolutionary Communist Party,USA—we’ve got the strategy... we’ve got the program for a new society... and we’ve got the leadership, in our Party and in our leader, Bob Avakian, who’s brought forward a new understanding of communism. Listen to his statement to the youth on New Year’s 2014 and see what we mean.

To you who voted for Obama: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.

Let’s get sane.

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