We Stand With the Defiant Ones

August 18, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us




We Stand With the Defiant Ones

We stand with the defiant ones.  We stand with the angry ones, the rebellious ones, the ones who will not take it, the ones who tell the truth—and the ones they lie about.  Without defiance, without rage, without righteous rebellion, without people insisting on their rights and defending those rights in the street—very few people would even know about Michael Brown and how he was shot over and over with his hands up, murdered by pigs and then left to lie there in the streets, as if he were an animal.  Very few people would have shared the grief of his parents for the terrible loss of this young man, at the very beginning of his life.  Without the rebellion, this terrible state-done murder would just be another rerun of the same old all-too-familiar story, the same murderous stuff that happens to Black and Latino youth over and over again. 

But because of the defiance and rebellion, the whole world knows the story.  Now everybody has to deal with this.  And people all over the country and all over the world support this fight.  You, the defiant ones, are changing the thinking of millions and millions of people... you are calling out to everyone NOT TO TAKE IT... you are making history—in the way it badly needs to be made.

So, yes we stand with the defiant ones—and we will defend them and stand with them in deed as well as word.

But now the authorities bring in the National Guard.  This just shows how SCARED those on top are of the people that they oppress and dog, from day one down to today...  The National Guard is just another part of their whole ILLEGITIMATE use of force and violence against people expressing their rights.  And any illegal, unconstitutional and illegitimate actions of the National Guard can—and must—be defied too.  The people’s righteous demands have not been met: this cop, this murdering pig, must be charged and taken into custody.  NOW!  This pig chief must be fired.  And right now, the people must be allowed to stay in the streets and express themselves in no uncertain terms. 

Sunday night, as the tear gas hung in the air and the time ticked down to the midnight curfew, a woman stepped up and started calling out to people: “No Justice! No Curfew!” In response to the call to “go home and get some rest” she said—“Michael Brown can’t get no rest, he can’t go home. We’re not going home!”  This is the spirit of Ferguson—this is the spirit we need to support and spread.

To everyone who really wants liberation, who wants a better day for our youth—don’t let them tamp this down.  To the “leaders” who attack the angry ones and tell us to trust in the system—NO.  If you can’t do any better than that, get out of the way. 

And to any so-called militants who shamefully take up the role of the police and decide who can protest and when, who attack and slander the “agitators” and the communists as “provocateurs,” you need to cut that COINTELPRO shit out and if you can’t stand with the people when they stand up...then just get on home.

Stand together and demand REAL JUSTICE!!  The time is NOW! 


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