Who are those fools in Ferguson telling people not to listen to those “cracker communists"? Who the fuck is Malik Shabazz and his group of so-called “New Black Panthers”?

by Joe Veale | August 23, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


We communists are unequivocally standing with the people demanding REAL JUSTICE… NOW. Arrest and imprison the killer cop of Michael Brown... NOW.

We also stand unequivocally with those who are defiant in making this demand. The angry and rebellious ones who do not fear death in making this righteous and just demand. Who refuse to get off the streets. Those who this system—those who presently hold power—and their talking heads on TV, on the news—lie about and criminalize. Over and over. Again and again.

As we do this we bring to all the people who are protesting and rebelling against this maddening injustice a crucial part of our revolutionary strategy to get rid of this whole damn system and all its injustices: FIGHT THE POWER, AND TRANSFORM THE PEOPLE, FOR REVOLUTION.

What about you, Malik Shabazz, and your group of so-called "New Black Panthers"?? What are you about?

You front as a "Black militant." You go to the police, the governor, the authorities—and tell them that you can better control and repress those who are rebelling better than they can. You work to convince them that they need you. That your "militancy," your "discipline," is in service of the oppressors of Black people. In service of aiding and abetting the system in controlling the angry and unruly Black youth this system has no future for.

You beg, plead and seek to work out a deal with those who are carrying out a steam-rolling program of genocide, mass incarceration, police brutality and murder against Black and Latino youth.

We have seen your shit before. Back in the day when I was in the Black Panther Party when they were militant about revolution—about fighting the powers-that-be—they accurately pinpointed what people with your outlook are really about: pork chop nationalism.

Pork chop nationalists work(ed) to misdirect and channel people's anger against their oppression back into working in the very system that is responsible for this oppression by putting these narrow nationalists in "official" positions of authority and influence over the people. In this light, they were “militant.” Militant "unofficial" bootlickers for the system.

Like Ron Karenga’s group back then who attacked the BPP because the Panthers were about organizing people to fight against the system—to make revolution—and the Panthers understood and were about building coalitions with whites, Latinos and everybody else who was coming to that understanding.

Karenga and his Us Organization was about him or people like him "owning" the oppression of Black people, pimping off of it. Using it. Directing it back into the system. Again with people like him fronting as "Black militants”—a "militancy" that they sought to trade and bargain for an official or unofficial position of authority to keep the Black youth of that time in "their place"—where they would be less of a threat to the whole oppressive system of capitalism.

The other part of their pork chop nationalism led members of Karenga's organization in 1969 to shoot down and kill Panther leader Bunchy Carter on the UCLA college campus along with John Huggins, another militant revolutionary nationalist Panther member.

There were other Panther members who Us members went after in this way.

Pork chop nationalists are counter-revolutionaries. They front like they are for the people getting free from oppression—getting justice—getting liberation and emancipation. But in reality they are for maintaining this foul and rotten system of oppression.


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