Join and Build the Revolution, Nothing Less Contingent for the September 21 People's Climate March

September 8, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


If you are deeply concerned about the future of our planet and sense that a truly radical solution is required to deal with the planetary environmental crisis—get connected with this contingent. If you want to work and struggle for a world where humanity can thrive free from all exploitation and oppression and where human society can be a caretaker, not a destroyer, of the planet—become part of this contingent.

The problem is bigger than "big oil"... bigger than "the corporations." Capitalism-imperialism is the source of the ecological destruction of the planet—and we need to put an end to it through the most radical revolution in human history, communist revolution.

Bob Avakian has developed a liberating vision and strategy for this revolution—a new synthesis of communism that would emancipate humanity and safeguard the planet's environment. We are actively working for this now. We are standing up and fighting back. We are building a movement for revolution.

The contingent will be full of revolutionary verve, with huge banners and involvement of many sections of people. It will convey internationalism, that the whole world comes first—and standing with the people of the whole world. If you want to fight to save the planet, we invite you to join with us to build the contingent into a powerful force.

To join the contingent, go to: peoplesclimate.org/revolutionsolution.

Check out the revcom.us/Revolution special issue on the environmental emergency.

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