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September 8, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


Beginning on September 15, the print edition of Revolution newspaper will appear bi-weekly (every other week). This is an important step in two ways: first, for to more fully meet the needs of our audience—now tens of thousands of people each month, but needing to grow to hundreds of thousands in the coming period. And second, for the print edition to play a new and changed role in society, including as a key way of introducing people to, and driving them to, will increasingly respond in real-time to major events, and new online editions of Revolution will appear every week. is the home of Revolution—the voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party. Each week, promotes and popularizes the work of Bob Avakian (BA) and introduces thousands to this revolutionary leader. It features reports and letters on all the developments in building the movement for revolution. And it speaks to how to scientifically understand and act to radically change the world. It is pivotal to carrying out the RCP’s strategy for making revolution, including being a key way to organize and accumulate forces for revolution.

In the last few weeks, our readers have had a taste of the role this website can play in speaking to tens of thousands as it covered and continues to cover the fierce struggle for Justice for Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and beyond. It was at that people not only heard the voices of the people of Ferguson, but in a concentrated way were able to see the interests of different class forces at work. carried coverage of the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride. And at the same time, people read about the brutal assault by Israel against Gaza, and were able to see the real connections between these different events in the world. And with new emphasis on graphics, audio, video, sharable posters, and other accessible content, should be increasingly accessible to people of all walks of life, including those normally locked out of online content.

With this change in our print publication schedule, the bi-weekly print edition will be transformed. In a concentrated way and with many more graphics, it will actively promote and popularize the leadership and work of BA and the Revolutionary Communist Party and feature key articles, editorials, interviews, and letters that speak to the events of the day, report on the movement for revolution, and address key questions of the revolution.

The print edition can and should find its way into the neighborhoods and onto the campuses. In the coming weeks, it will be one major way to reach out to thousands and spread the word of the November 15 Dialogue Between Cornel West and Bob Avakian at Riverside Church in New York City. And at key junctures, like the upcoming People’s Climate March, it can reach tens of thousands.

For our readers who do not have access to the Internet and rely on the print edition as their connection to BA, the Party, and the movement for revolution, especially prisoners, ways will be found to circulate longer pieces and especially new works by BA that may not be printed in our paper.

Increased emphasis on and transformations in the style and content of the print Revolution require a whole range of volunteers—designers, photographers, video editors, web designers, translators, and much more, as well as posing the need for substantial new fundraising. Get involved!

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