An Ensemble of Revolutionary Work

September 15, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA has a Strategy for Revolution, and a slogan, Fight the Power, and Transform the People, FOR Revolution, which captures a whole process. Right now, we have what we call an ensemble of revolutionary work, which deals with some key focuses, even as we are tense to other things developing in unexpected ways.

What is an ensemble of revolutionary work? In music, an ensemble is a group that plays together. A jazz ensemble might have drums, piano, bass, and a horn in front. A great ensemble usually has a great front man or woman—who carries the lead tune much of the time, sets the tone and direction of the piece, and brings out the best in everyone. Other players weave in and out. If everyone's playing the same thing, the song won't take flight. But if everyone is just playing their own part, not listening to the whole song, and not following the lead, the piece as a whole goes nowhere.

In the RCP's ensemble of revolutionary work, BA Everywhere—the campaign to raise big money to spread the word on the vision and leadership of Bob Avakian, the leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA—is front and center. Why? Because this is the vision and leadership for a whole new world. Without it, everything—including people's thinking—stays locked within the terms of the way things are. The ensemble includes uniting with everyone who is ready to, or can be won to take a determined stand against mass incarceration of Black and Latino people and against the enslavement and degradation of women. Along with connecting people with Bob Avakian, the second key player in the RCP's ensemble of revolutionary work is—reaching hundreds of thousands, then millions. At the core of this movement for revolution: the Revolutionary Communist Party. If all the elements of this ensemble are mixing and meshing—impacting society, setting different terms for people, and transforming how people think and feel—then under conditions we are waiting for, but actively getting ready for, there could be a serious chance of winning a REAL revolution that would transform EVERYTHING. And here's what else you need to know: This ensemble has a place for YOU!

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