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Message from Carl Dix, co-founder, Stop Mass Incarceration Network


We are right up on October. Every day there's another story about someone being murdered by the police. These are accompanied by report after report of people in prison being subjected to brutality that amounts to torture. We must take up the spirit of the youth of Ferguson and say NO MORE to these horrors.

We must begin this by gathering and reading the Pledge of Resistance on October 1, and we must act on that pledge thruout the month. Thru our activities we must show to one and all that there are thousands of people who are determined to end these horrors, and we must continue to act to do that beyond October.

There are a few things I think we need to highlight as we go about putting up a big STOP SIGN to mass incarceration and police terror.

1. Let everyone know about Alice Walker's poem “Gather” and Chuck D's audio Pledge to Resist in October by spreading the links to them everywhere.

2. Drive as many people as possible to the web site:, so they can find out about October and see what's being done in cities across the country.

3. Spread the link to our Indiegogo crowd funding page and raise money to make our efforts in October as powerful as possible in other ways. Volunteers are needed to call those who have endorsed the call and ask them to support October in additional ways, especially by giving money.

4. Continue to send your plans for October into

5. Take pictures, record videos and do reports on everything you do and send them in to

Also we are assembling a delegation of people to Ferguson in response to the Call for Ferguson Weekend, October 10-13. If you can go down to Ferguson for this weekend, or part of the weekend, let us know and start raising money to help defray the cost of the delegation. If you need financial assistance to get to Ferguson, let us know. If you aren't able to go to Ferguson October 10-13, raise money to make it possible for the delegation to go down and stand with the people in Ferguson AND spread the message of the October Month of Resistance.

And finally, we are assembling a beginning speakers bureau that the media can contact for interviews. The people on it are: Iris Baez, Carl Dix, Collette Flanagan, Nicholas Heyward Sr., Rev. Jerome McCorry, Efia Nwangaza and Juanita Young. This info will go up on the web site very soon, and it will include brief bios and ways to contact these speakers.

Let's do all we can to mobilize the kind of resistance that can make October the beginning of the end for mass incarceration.

Carl Dix  

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