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October 6, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


This week we’re beginning this important new column: letters from prisoners that speak to a wide range of issues, and point to the potential of those locked away in the system’s dungeons to become revolutionary emancipators of humanity.

We greatly appreciate receiving these letters from prisoners and encourage prisoners to keep sending us correspondence. The views expressed by the writers of these letters are, of course, their own; and they are not responsible for the views published elsewhere in our paper.


“The world needs more revolutionarys”


Greetings RCP,

I'm 4 weeks behind on the paper, but they're coming now. Staff broke my T.V. back in late April, refused to take responsibility for it so I assume it was intentional, so I've been without news since.

Finally found someone to order one for me, been here for 50 days trying to fight to get it ...

Been in the hole 30 days now. As you may recall just got out of the SHU in Feb. was in SHU from 2012-2014 was out of the SHU 5 months in 2012 and before that was in SHU 2008-2012. Regular ol' nightmare right here. Don't know how to adjust to this bullshit and tired of fighting for every breath.

If it wasn't for my indignation & hatred at what they're doing to me, to us, to the world I may have collapsed long ago. If I didn't see the big picture capitalism-imperialism and didn't believe we owe the world something better & not just any ol' something either but scientific-socialism then I'm sure I would've fail by the waste side. Though quite lonely being a conscious man in prison I must say this is what has sustained me all those years.

But they do make life hella ugly.

Love the "putting on our boxing gloves..." series, read 2 so far. Like this last one 'bout counter revolutionarys & how to confront peoples opportunism. I always have a hard time trying to understand why so many think chasing $ is a solution as if we had money we could get our oppressors to stop giving us hell or we could come up with an alternative. But it just serves to reinforce the nightmare. So I like such talks that help think through that contradiction & furthers the principal of unity/struggle/unity. But I do also understand peoples real need to get by in this shitty ass system so I know it's not a simple contradiction.

Also love all the exposure on abortion, porn, rape & bullshit music that beats down woman. We all need more of that sort of exposure. Love Sister Taylor for her full court press. Yes this is what the world needs more revolutionarys willing to speak up & expose & not just any revolutionarys but communist ones. No reform here.

Fuck Obama's racism Yup I said it. Thats all that boarder shit is amongst those Red White & Blue types. All they see is brown people invading. So ‘though Obama's agenda - Americas agenda is much more complex (which you break down well) and their response is much more complex than race thats what gets played on and its orgin lays wit the system & those who uphold it. Americas racism therefore Obama racism.

Love you guys, you know what it is!

Oh, theres a song "Turn it down for what?" meaning music or/and the braggadocio behavior. Well I say "Dum it down for what"! 

I'm just sayin.


“Break All the Chains”

Pelican Bay, CA

Dear PRLF,

Hello there. Please receive my warmest regards. This here letter should've come earlier but I havent the time so here I am now.

You had ask for comment and feedback on the sampler edition of "Break all the Chains". (Applause)! If this was a sample edition I look forward to the whole edition!! Not only was it very poignant but there was very simple concise examples of how 'popular' culture is not only degrading or oppressive towards women, it fuels and continues it. Especially the part about G.I. Jane and how she says "Suck my dick". It seems this phenomena has continued as we see singers that are female holding there crotch area as if they have a penis like a male. We know rappers do this to somehow show off there masculinity.

I also found the example of "go in/get in there bitch" very, very true. Here in prison, it is considered the top disrespect for someone to call another man a bitch. The darnest thing is that I hear prisoners referring that word to women all the time. I call some on it yet they've yet to understand "things," more so revolutionary things. so they just keep saying... "I'll fuck that bitch, that bitch is stupid"... I then say, "I didn't know you were into dogs/beastiality!" That there gets them going.

The abortion thing is fucked up too. Women aren't incubators for children nor are they or should be forced to have babies. Yet how many movies are shown where the women is depicted as the good wife, stay at home mom and is only dedicated to her children?? Theres nothing wrong with a mother been very dedicated to her children, at the same time theres nothing wrong with daycare either. And that stigma of not being a loving mother if you don't be with your kids % 100 of the time has to be done with.

Now, what I found missing and what should be put in, is the whole issue of marriage and how that enhances property relations and the subjugation of women. Bob Avakian spoke on this in his book Away with all Gods.

All in all the sampler edition was very good. I thourghly enjoyed it. {smiley face}

I also would like to take this time to say thanks for all the literature I receive from you. Not only does it uplift me but makes me better equiped to fight the good fight. I would also like to ask for Capital Vol. 3 if one is available. It'll be appreciative. Thank you for your time and do have a nice day.


“The Judicial system here is a malicious monster destroying lives”


To whom it may concern, My People of the Revolution!!!

First let me say that I hope & pray that this letter reaches you in good health & great spirit... My name is XXXX I'm a 33 year old Black male in the Alabama Dept. of Corrections serving a 20 year sentence I have 11 years... Being born & raised in Alabama the Home of the civil rights movement it truly hurts me to see that we are still living amongst the "Jim Crow" mentality. There is so much Political Oppression going on right now as you read this!! The Judicial system here is a malicious monster destroying lives of Black men & women in the name of Justice.

In my research I have found out that the Federal Government has the State of Alabama under investigation!!! This Republican State has some atrocious laws that contradict the U.S. Amendments & Bill of Rights, for one there is no Equal Protection Clause in the Alabama Constitution, it has not had one since 1901 when they took it out... This is the most vital reason that Alabama has more prisoners per capita than any other state. If the United States holds more people in prison per capita than any other country in the world then Alabama is #1 in the world!!

Our sentencing guidelines are very cruel & unusual for numerous of reason e.g. one being the 446 Act or Habitual Offender Act i.e. This a powerful weapon given to the Judges to place upon whom they feel which the majority is Blacks e.g., Habitual Offender Act is that enhances felonies and the time that is place upon the person whom is convicted... Meaning if you catch a Burglary III which is non-violent and carries a sentence 1 year to 10 year, the Habitual Offender Act will enhance that to 2 years to 20 years...

This is a very bias, prejudice & unjust Act. I have witness this same Act punish black with life without the possibility of parole for property crimes... How in the world can you sentence a man to death because that's what it is if he can never physically be free again for a Burglary, Theft or Possession charge??

Secondly why this State prison population is so overcrowded is because of the Alabama Dept. of Correction Prison Administrations are contradictive, inhumane and unreviewed... They have a system of writing prisoners up for no reason causing him/her injury by losing good time, placing them in Solitary Confinement and or denying them Parole when they come up for such... They also do not have a Disciplinary Board or Adjustment Commitee of three or more officials to govern these hearings to make sure that these hearing are not held by poorly trained officials who are motivated by malice, vindictivness, intolerance, prejudice or jealousy.

I'm currently in Solitary Confinement under 72 hour Administration Segregation due to the falsehood of one poorly trained officer named YY. I'm currently learning the laws and procedure thereof so that I can build and plea my case. I would write and tell you more about but my pen is running out of ink and I have to preserve this ink because like I say I'm in lock-up and my resources are limited I pray that my hand written is legible and you can understand my "War Cry" and end & assist me with publicizing my/our issue, also helping me with any vital information please!!!

One Love & God Bless

P.S. God is truly good they just told me I was on transfer. If and when you reply first look on the internet…it will tell you which prison I’m in!!...Please send me a copy of the Revolution newspaper.


“I was glad to see revcom there”


Greetings comrades

How goes the struggle? I happen to see the presence of picket signs in St. Louis while I was watching the mainstream controlled media. Upon seeing this I was both filled with Revolutionary vigor and then angered at what has transpired as well as angry with myself for being here and not there. Also on the news I seen that the media was covering the speach of some spineless idiot speaking to the protestors about working with the police to get Justice and reform by "peaceful protest", while at that very moment and as I speak now the capitalists are buying tanks, gadgets, and most of all are undergoing military training exercises to which all of this is being payed for by hard working taxpayers. That craven traitor to the black community speaks of peace while the enemy prepares for a massacre.

The weak masses protest everything as though those in power care about the idle words of those without power. Had I been there while that traitor spoke of peace while war was being perpetrated I would have scorned and ridiculed him for all the public to see his absurdity and lack of his manhood. Then I would have given a grand speach of my own about how this incident of Michael Brown's murder is not the first nor will it be the last. Furthermore from my mouth will come the solution of Revolution as I speak of what is needed, what is to be done and that what I speak is pure emotional response to injustice and murder, felt from the heart but spoken from the intellect of the mind for the reason of preparing and acting with reason not unorganized, uncontrolable, unrestrained emotion.

Back to the tragic topic of Michael Brown's murder and the reaction of the proletariat to it, I will say that most significantly they the people of St. Louis need the guidance of the party to properly mobilize for liberation. I was glad to see there considering that had our comrades not been there to assist, the weak passivist giving his pointless speach would have further poisoned the delicate untapped minds of the victims to American tyranny.

Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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