Something Big Is Happening

Resistance… and Getting Free

October 6, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


If you step back and look at society from the widest angle... something big is happening. People are standing up AGAINST the “New Jim Crow”—against the outrages of police murder after police murder of unarmed Black and Latino youth... against the mass incarceration of those same youth, now going on for several generations...against a whole mentality and interlocking set of institutions that is designed to demonize and criminalize entire peoples.

You can see it in many different ways—in the militant refuse-to-give-in spirit in the streets of Ferguson and the flash mob at the symphony hall in St. Louis... in people blowing whistles on the cops and backing them down, in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York... in forums at universities and religious institutions... in the sermons given in at least dozens of places of worship this weekend... in the works of art that people are producing against this outrage—the poems, the songs, the visual art, etc... in the actions happening on campuses, of all different kinds... in the hundreds of names of many different people on the Call for the Month of Resistance... something is struggling to come into being.

We are trying to capture that on this site. We are trying to give that shape and direction... to show what people are thinking and doing about it... to point to the underlying structures and dynamics of the system that requires this and the way to get rid of that system... to help make this stronger and more powerful.

Doing that is part of changing the whole terms in this society—part of beating back this, yes, genocidal attack on Black and Latino people... and part of preparing the political terrain, preparing the people, and preparing the vanguard to actually make revolution and put an END to the whole system of capitalism, with its pillar of white supremacy, that has generated these horrors and will keep generating new ones so long as it exists.

Popularizing this website can play a big big role in really making this month into as powerful a MONTH OF RESISTANCE it can be... and to making real strides to getting free of this monster for good.

Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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