October 22—Blow the Whistle on Police Brutality!

Youth Blow the Whistle on Pigs & Defend the Right to Do That!

Credit: PM Beers

From the Revolution Club, LA
Watch this video! At an LA police station, making a statement that people ARE going to BLOW THE WHISTLE on police brutality and harassment! Ceebo tha Rapper and other protestors blow the whistle in front of Police Department and show some love and backup for a youth who got arrested for blowing the whistle at the police.

If it’s not right, we gonna blow the whistle!

A youth in LA breaks down why, and how he blows the whistle on police brutality and harassment:

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Chicago: Blowing the Whistle and...
Standing Up to Stop Police Abuse at the Basketball Court

In the Westside neighborhood where Roshad McIntosh had been killed by police on August 24, a peace festival was both a call for Justice and an encouragement to the youth in the area to come together to end the violence among the people.

When the police started harassing someone, a crowd began to head over with a revolutionary, while another crowd of people was coming from the other side of the park with some blowing whistles that had been passed out earlier.

The pigs kept coming—more cars with blue lights flashing. And the people kept coming, too. One of the cops, with a young woman up in his face, unsnapped his holster. Someone yelled, “What you think you gonna do with that? Shoot her?” A few people put their hands in the air chanting, “Hands up—don’t shoot.”

As the police backed their cars out of the park and people talked about how this is what they needed to do every time cops came after the youth, including the need for more whistles, someone called for the basketball and the game started back up.

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Ferguson / St. Louis: Blowing whistles, Chanting "Hands up. Don't Shoot"

10/13: Mainstream news reported: “Hundreds of people marched to Saint Louis University earlier in the day, though no arrests were made, and about 100 protesters marched into St. Louis City Hall blowing whistles and chanting, "Hands up. Don't Shoot," a common protest mantra since Brown was killed.”

October 1, Harlem, New York City: High School Youth Blow the Whistle

Harlem youth blow the whistle on police brutality

Two young comrades were out at a school and one was agitating on the bullhorn while the other was getting out whistles and one other person had the bucket for donations. Youth were rushing to get whistles – right in front of a police car stopped in front of the school. As kids streamed by to get whistles, they were blowing their whistles right at the car. The fact they were basically in front of this police car agitating and the youth were inspired to blow the whistles at the police right there contributed to a whole air of defiance. (Later they blew whistles when they saw police threatening a man in a nearby subway entrance.)

"No Pig Zone" If you see something...Blow the Whistle. Spread this video. It could save a life!

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