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If you would like to share remembrances, photographs or tributes please send to ClydeYoungMemorial@gmail.com.

Here is some of what is being sent by people as tributes to this wonderful comrade.
Updated November 16, 2014.



Clyde Young, 1949-2014

A Life Lived for the People...
and Full Emancipation

A statement from the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

Including photos, a 1990 interview "Down for Revolution," video and audio

My heart is broken at the loss of Wayne Webb. His life was an inspiring example of how those this system treats as "the worst of the worst" can become the very best that humanity is capable of. He was not just a precious comrade, but also a great friend—someone I have known since the 1970s and loved hanging out with: grappling together with questions of philosophy, politics, and art, joking and laughing, singing doo wop songs we both loved. I miss him terribly.

Bob Avakian

Painting from a revolutionary artist in Colombia

This painting was sent to Revolution newspaper from Colombia. The artist, upon learning of the loss of comrade Clyde Young, was moved to work tirelessly to create this artwork, as his contribution to the tributes that will be celebrated in some cities in Colombia organized by the Revolutionary Communist Group (Grupo Comunista Revolucionario,Colombia). They wrote that Clyde Young's life was inspirational to many revolutionaries in Colombia. They had published as a pamphlet the "Interview with Comrade X" in 1991 and this played an important role in organizing a youth group led by the GCR at that time. In 2011, those who were inspired by this Interview when they were young recommended that it be reprinted to inspire a new generation. They ask that this artwork serve as one of their tributes to his life.


Artwork sent to the memorial in Chicago:





More paintings from a revolutionary artist in Colombia