Michael Brown Grand Jury—

Alert: They're Paving the Way for an Outrageous Injustice!

October 20, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Right now, "leaks" are coming out in the media about the grand jury proceedings in the police killing of Michael Brown.

Here are the actual facts in the case: The pig Darren Wilson executed unarmed Michael Brown in broad daylight, in front of witnesses, with cell phone videos recording key aspects of what happened. Mike, already wounded had run away from the cop, then turned around with his hands up when the cop shot him multiple times, killing him in cold blood.

Seventy plus days and counting since then, and not only is the murdering pig walking around still free and UN-indicted—the grand jury "leaks" are clearly designed to lay the groundwork for NOT indicting the killer cop at all, and letting this murdering pig—and the system that he and other brutal enforcers serve—off the hook.

Indict the killer cop and put him in prison NOW!

For Michael Brown and the thousands of others whose lives were stolen we say: NOT THIS TIME. ENOUGH. NO MORE. This is what October 22 and the whole October Month of Resistance is about—putting a big STOP SIGN to society that this must end, starting now.

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