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For everyone who sees and is sickened by the epidemic of police terror and mass incarceration, or can be won to see and oppose it, and wants it to stop—October 22 IS THE DAY TO ACT.

Police kill someone almost everyday in the USA! This past August, Michael Brown was gunned down by police in Ferguson, Missouri, and people's refusal to accept these outrages reached a new level of courage and defiance and jolted millions across the country. There's a growing wave of resistance to police murder, mass incarceration, and the whole genocidal program driving them. Thousands turned out for Ferguson October (October 10-13). Campuses are beginning to come alive with actions and teach-ins. Clergy have raised their voices. Artistic expressions against police terror have mushroomed—in poetry, videos, tweets, books, magazines, artwork, and music. And many individuals and organizations have taken up the call for the October 22 National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation.

Let's bring all this together for a massive outpouring on October 22!

In these last few days, reach and challenge all whose sights were raised by Ferguson—be there on October 22!

Reach and reinforce the cores of activists who have come forward in the high schools, mass distribute stickers and whistles, and forge and cohere new, committed cores—right on the spot around "All out for October 22!"

Reconnect with, call forth, inspire, and organize all who've come to strategizing meetings, signed the Call for the October Month of Resistance, or thrown in, in any kind of way, during this month of struggle and ferment, to be there on October 22 and to bring others with them.

Even in these last few days, reach out to Black student organizations and students active around Palestine, the environment, gender oppression, and other burning questions about October 22 and why they need to be there...

In these next few days, we must make known to people that October 22 is a way for them to express their feelings with focus and determination... to walk out of school, take off work, bring their defiance and righteous demand for justice into the streets for all to see, and be part of making October 22 a giant STOP sign right in the face of all society, declaring MASS INCARCERATION, POLICE TERROR, REPRESSION AND THE CRIMINALIZATION OF A GENERATION MUST BE STOPPED!

We're aiming to change the political terrain—the ways that thousands upon thousands see, think, and act in relation to the rulers' immoral, illegitimate, intolerable genocidal program of mass incarceration.

If, over the next three days, we pull out all the stops to do all this and bring people together for powerful demonstrations in the streets...

Then October 22 will be what it urgently needs to be.

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