Grand Jury Leaks: Michael Brown’s Murderer Walks Free? No Way!

October 27, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


Michael Brown

It has now been over TWO MONTHS since Michael Brown was shot down in cold blood by Ferguson, Missouri, cop Darren Wilson. This killer cop not only is still walking free, but the system is blatantly moving to whitewash Michael’s murder—and to try and get people ready to swallow this outrage on top of an outrage and do nothing.

That cannot happen. The truth remains the truth.

The evidence is that Darren Wilson executed Michael Brown in broad daylight, in front of witnesses. Cell phones captured the scene with photos, video, audio—recording key evidence of what happened. Mike was unarmed, he was already wounded and had run away from the cop, then turned around with his hands up in the universal signal of surrender when the cop shot him multiple times, killing him in cold blood. Once AGAIN, to send a message that a Black man’s life isn’t worth anything to the powers-that-be in AmeriKKKa.

Instead of indicting and arresting the murderer of Michael Brown, the system has been covering up what happened. They convened a grand jury, supposedly to decide if there’s a basis to indict Darren Wilson. That was bullshit right there—there was MORE than enough evidence, the day of the murder, to charge Wilson! Can you imagine what would have happened if the roles were reversed? Do you think Michael Brown would be walking the streets, while a grand jury was called to weigh evidence?!

Grand jury deliberations are secret, so nobody is supposed to know what is going on. But in this case, very selective and utterly unreliable “leaks” are being spread by people inside the IN-justice system about what is going on. The Washington Post, for instance, ran a headline: “Evidence supports officer’s account of shooting in Ferguson,” based on completely unsupportable, unverifiable “leaks.” These same ruling class media will demonize and convict a Black person based on just about anything, or nothing.

These grand jury leaks are a calculated move “to start getting some of the facts out there to kind of let people down slowly” (that’s a quote from Tim Fitch, St. Louis County’s former police chief).

Fuck that. The people in Ferguson have made clear since the day Mike Brown was gunned down—and thousands of others around the country and the world have made clear by standing with the people in Ferguson—that the system must not be allowed to GET AWAY WITH COLD-BLOODED MURDER OF YET ANOTHER BLACK YOUTH.

Indict, Convict, Send the Killer Cop to Jail! The Whole System Is Guilty as Hell!

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