Protest at Chicago Police Headquarters:
An Outpouring of Rage

November 10, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


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Video of the event by Kevin Gosztola of The Dissenter at Firedoglake

Inspired by the tenacity of people standing up to the police murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, a broad array of families of people killed by the Chicago police joined together for the first time in a powerful protest the evening of November 5 to demand justice for all those whose lives were taken by the Chicago police.

The protest outside Chicago Police Headquarters was held on the 25th birthday of Rekia Boyd. Rekia Boyd was a bystander killed when an off-duty cop shot into a crowd on a hot March evening in 2012.

Parents, grandparents, and siblings of those whose lives were so viciously stolen came to the mic to testify in an outpouring of bitterness and rage about how their loved one was gunned down, how their lives were slandered and in many instances how family members were treated like animals when they tried to find out what had happened. These included the family of Rekia Boyd, Dakota Bright, Ronald Johnson, Flint Farmer, Darius Pinex, DeSean Pittman.

The grandmother of DeSean Pittman testified about how the police rampaged through their family’s vigil, arresting family members for supposedly assaulting the police.

A diverse group of supporters of these families, including college students, activists, members of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, the Chicago Revolution Club and others, joined the protest—which was organized by a group called the Christianaires.

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