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The Dialogue between Cornel West and Bob Avakian on the topic of Revolution and Religion: The Fight For Emancipation and the Role of Religion on November 15, 2014 covered the most important questions facing humanity. Two perspectives were set forth—contending and overlapping, struggling for higher ground, and coming back to unity on the need to ACT. And you’ve never heard anything like this.

Now what?

Continue the dialogue...

The speakers at the dialogue cut very deep, and we all need to “go there.” Be on the lookout for open house discussions at Revolution Books bookstores and elsewhere.

And send us your comments at Invite us to your group, your class, your family and friends, your neighborhood to get more deeply into this. Come to the dinners being held around the country in mid-December by BA Everywhere and get more deeply into this. Let your friends know about the audio broadcasts on WBAI-FM, KPFK-FM in LA, and KPFA-FM in Oakland/San Francisco.

Learn more about the revolution...

Learn more about Bob Avakian and the revolutionary communist framework he has developed. Buy his filmed speech REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! and his book of short essays and key quotations, BAsics. Dig more deeply at or at The Bob Avakian

Learn more about Cornel West and the prophetic revolutionary Christian worldview. Buy his book Black Prophetic Fire. Go to to learn more.

Go to at least once a week. During times of crisis and upsurge go at least once a day. This site gives you a living and scientific understanding of rapidly changing events, showing the contradictions at the heart of this oppressive system and bringing alive the need and possibility of revolution and of a whole new world.

Visit Revolution Books bookstores, for their books and their programs. Go deeper and go back-and-forth with people.

Get involved in the movement...

There is a place—and an urgent need—for you in the movement against injustice and the movement for revolution. Go to to learn more (click on the portal “Fight the Power, and Transform the People, For Revolution”). Go to the website of the movement initiated by Cornel West and Carl Dix against mass incarceration and police murder—, or go to to get involved in the fight against the oppression of women. Learn more about the vanguard, the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, which Bob Avakian leads. Come to the open house tomorrow to meet people from these movements, and from the Revolution Club—where people can fight the power while they get out, and learn more about, revolutionary communist ideas.

Above all: get involved in FIGHTING these injustices.

We’ll be seeing you!


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