From Efia Nwangaza to NPR: Give Carl Dix Opportunity to Answer the Red-baiting

November 20, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


The following is a letter sent by Efia Nwangaza, of the Malcolm X Center and Radio Station WMXP, to the All Things Considered program on National Public Radio (NPR). We are running it here by permission.

This is to ask that Carl Dix, National Spokesperson for the Revolutionary Communist Party be given the opportunity to answer St. Louis law enforcement question of "What is the interest of the Revolutionary Communist Party in Michael Brown and Ferguson?" Yesterday, I heard this on my local SCETV -NPR station and think it is only fair that they be allowed to respond! As a Student Non-violent Coordinator (SNCC) worker in the 1960s, I am outraged by the "outside agitator" and red baiting that's again being used today. Please do not be an instrument of this divisiveness. Allow the Revolutionary Communist Party to tell why it is interested in Mike Brown's death and Ferguson, MO.

Efia Nwangaza
Greenville, SC

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