Revolution and Religion: Uniting a People for Change Across Social Constructs

November 11, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


From a recent student graduate in sociology at a Southern CA University who's now a social worker:

Revolution, for many has become more of an idea, then a possibility. For many it seems impossible to change a system that has been created to oppress the masses, it seems impossible to end capitalism, racism, and poverty. But it’s not impossible.

One of the key challenges in making revolution possible are the barriers created all around us to divide and conquer us as a people. Constructs like race, class, religion, gender, pit us against each other, fighting one another for basic resources. For many years the masses have been awakening to realities to close to ignore. Realities, such as police brutality, and mass incarceration force us to see that racism exists, that slavery exists, that oppression is real, and that revolution is needed. This is the time to strike while the iron is hot. This is the time to mobilize the masses, as they have now seen with their own eyes the atrocities our government is capable of for corporate greed.

I want to attend the Dialogue between Communist Revolutionary Bob Avakian and Christian Revolutionary Cornel West because I want to be part of the dialogue that explores unity and solutions. I too have questions of how to merge revolution and religion, how to build bridges across social borders, and how to make revolution a reality. It would be a great honor to be amongst leaders and revolutionaries asking these questions, working together to fight for solutions. For me it is simple, I believe revolution is possible, but I know the masses must be on board. Revolution must come from the people, by the people. I plan on attending on behalf of my community, to better understand how to go about creating a revolution, so I can come back and plant the seeds in my community; seeds which spark dialogue and unite people across social barriers to end oppression, by any means necessary.

Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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