We Saw The Cops Murder Eric Garner!


December 1, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us

By Carl Dix

As we continue to take to the streets disrupting business as usual in society, demanding justice for Michael Brown and an end to police murder of Black people, media reports are saying the grand jury in Staten Island, New York City, hearing evidence in the police murder of Eric Garner is getting close to announcing its decision. WE MUST BE POISED TO RESPOND TO THAT GRAND JURY’S DECISION, even as we continue to build resistance to police murder.

We all saw the video of cops choking the life out of Eric Garner back in July. We heard him struggle to get the words out, “I can’t breathe,” again and again. If this grand jury refuses to indict the cops who murdered him, we must pour back out into the streets and say NO MORE! This would be an outrage piled on top of a seemingly never ending chain of outrages, and we must refuse to accept this crap anymore. A failure to indict would be the system trying to tell us that we didn’t see what we saw, and that we didn’t hear what we heard; that our eyes and ears were lying to us. We must take to the streets with a heightened sense of outrages if they let those killer cops walk.

Even if the grand jury indicts several of the cops who murdered Eric Garner, we still need to be out in the streets, letting the system know that an indictment isn’t enough. The murdering cops need to be tried, convicted and jailed for their crime, and we must stay on the case till that happens and not let the system drop the case or bungle the prosecution and let them walk.

The system has already delivered a message that police murder will remain part of Amerikkka’s normal routine. Everyone who was enraged when they heard of the police murders of Ramarley Graham, Tamir Rice, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Andy Lopez and all the other victims of police murder needs to STAY READY TO TAKE TO THE STREETS when the grand jury in Staten Island announces its decision.

Justice for Eric Garner!

Black Lives Matter! Latino Lives Matter! All Lives Matter!


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