Grand Jury Says Cops Who Murdered Eric Garner Committed No Crime!


December 3, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


by Carl Dix

Everybody must get out into the streets right away to declare in UNMISTAKABLE TERMS that the decision of the grand jury in Staten Island not to indict any of the cops who murdered Eric Garner is INTOLERABLE. This grand jury has allowed another murdering cop to walk free! POLICE MURDER MUST END NOW!

This decision is a huge slap in the face to everyone who has an ounce of justice in their hearts. We all saw the cops step to and harass Eric Garner because they claim he was selling loose cigarettes. We all saw them choking the life out of him as he struggled to get out the words, “I can’t breathe,” again and again. We saw them standing over his lifeless body for minutes, offering him no CPR or other emergency assistance. And we saw the cop who had administered the chokehold, a procedure banned by the NYPD, wave to the video camera as he left the scene.

Obama has told us that police having body cameras will help deal with this problem  Well, we had this police killing on video tape, and the grand jury refused to indict the killer cops. This decision is the system telling us that we didn’t see what we saw and didn’t hear what we heard; that our eyes and our ears had lied to us. They are telling us that none of these murdering cops did anything criminal. Add this to the wave of police murders that have come down over the past few months—Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Akai Gurley, Taniesha Anderson, John Crawford, Ezell Ford and many more—and it amounts to the system telling us that their police can wantonly murder people, and nothing will be done about it. We’re back to the 1857 decision by the US Supreme Court in the Dred Scott case—that Black people have no rights that this white supremacist system is bound to respect.

Amerikkka has told us once again that its business as usual will continue to include police murder of Black people; that Black lives have no value in this society. Our very humanity cries out for us to keep on taking to the streets and disrupt business as usual as we say NO MORE to police murder.  Powerful outpourings of resistance are needed in the face of this outrageous non-indictment.

This is a critical time. The system is doubling down, giving its front line enforcers, the police, a green light to murder people and assuring them they will not be punished for their murderous deeds. We must redouble our efforts to resist the horror of police murder by continuing to pour into the streets, raising  our voices to say that police murder is unacceptable and illegitimate, and that it must STOP!

Justice for Eric Garner and All the Victims of Brutal, Murdering Cops!
Police Murder Must Stop Now!

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