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Fundraising Cards to Expand the Reach of the Dialogue between Cornel West and Bob Avakian

Updated December 15, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


The BA Everywhere campaign to raise big funds to project Bob Avakian's vision and works throughout society has produced a new card to mail for contributions. Over the coming weeks, this can be sent out to many, many hundreds—to people who were touched by the Dialogue Between Bob Avakian and Cornel West and who would want this to be seen broadly, and people who haven't yet seen it, but should.

A lot of people make financial contributions at the end of the year. And now especially as millions have come to consider the biggest questions about the nature and future of this society, this Dialogue should have a very wide reach. This includes people stepping forward to help fund its impact throughout society.

Note: There are two pieces here.  Be sure when printing to select "actual size" or "None" for "Page scaling". DO NOT select "print to fit" or "shrink to fit".

  • The first, with the Revolution and Religion icon on the outside and text on the inside starting “On November 15, 2014…,” is the outside card. Print this on nice 8.5x11 card stock, cut in half and then fold. PDFs are included for printing in color, and in black & white.

    Download PDF (color, front/back)

    Download PDF (B&W, front/back)

  • The second is the donation card. This should be printed on card stock and enclosed in the other card, with an envelope accompanying the donation card so donors can mail back their contribution if they choose to give through the mail.

    Download PDF (four-up, front and back)




The entire package should be inside an envelope that can be given to people. 


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