Hey, Charles Barkley!

December 8, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Are you really that much of a fool and tool of the system? Your comments denying that white cops regularly kill Black people and challenging anyone to provide evidence that this is so set a new record for belly-crawling and outright stupidity. What you deny is undeniably true and is fully proven by the actual record–anyone can easily see, who is willing to look, that there is a large-scale, long-standing, and ongoing, pattern of cops (and, yes, particularly white cops) killing unarmed Black people, especially young Black males (see accompanying box). And this kind of idiocy, combined with craven slavishness, is not new for Charles Barkley. This is the same Charles Barkley, it should be recalled, who previously insisted that slavery had been a good thing because Black people in America are so much better off now than Black people in Africa!! This, too, represents, on Barkley's part, a stunning combination of subservience–the outright "yes-master" bootlicking of the house slave–and world-class ignorance about slavery and the oppression of the masses of Black people in America, down to today, and about what colonialism and imperialism has done, and is continuing to do, to Africa and the masses of people there.

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