Chicago: Oppose the Vicious and Outrageous Charges Against Those Who Protested Police Murder!

December 15, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


On Saturday, December 13, at the Chicago march to end the epidemic of police murder and brutality, 23 people were arrested including along the “Magnificent Mile”—the heart of Chicago’s upscale shopping district. There were huge crowds of shoppers who witnessed hundreds of protesters marching and holding die-ins on the sidewalks for four hours. Stepping one foot off the sidewalk resulted in an arrest.  (See "December 13: Tens of Thousands March Across the U.S. Against Police Murder") 

Particularly vicious was the arrest of one member of the Chicago Revolution Club who is well known to the police for his participation in the protests that have swept the country for the last few weeks.  “Iggy” is a young Black revolutionary and street musician from the south side of Chicago who was assaulted by police when the police went wild outside in front of Nordstrom—wading into the crowd shoving, hitting and knocking people to the ground. There were protesters inside Nordstrom staging a die-in. Iggy and the rest of the protesters were outside the store on the sidewalk. Iggy sustained facial injuries, yet outrageously it was he who was charged with felonious assault on a cop. There was another protester, Alfredo, who was arrested and charged with a felony during the same police riot outside Nordstrom. 

At the same time, a young woman in the Revolution Club was singled out and arrested and charged with misdemeanors and released late that night but on her own recognizance.

At a court hearing on Sunday, December 14, the judge ordered Iggy and Alfredo held on $75,000 bail each. This is very high for first-time offenders with jobs and ties to the community. Many people turned out to show their support at the bond hearing and have vigorously taken up raising the $16,000 to bail Iggy and Alfredo out of jail as soon as possible.  

The Chicago Tribune, which did not manage to cover the anti-police brutality protest in Chicago, belatedly ran an article with both men’s mug shots and home addresses (the block of their residence)—a threatening and dangerous practice given how the police retaliate against all who stand up to them.

There has been an outpouring of support for all those arrested but more is needed. For the latest updates and to learn how to help, go to the Facebook page for The Stop Mass Incarceration Network Chicago or call the SMIN in Chicago at 312-933-9586.

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