Chicago Prosecutors Pile On More Felony Charges Against Grant Newburger

December 19, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


It was a complete outrage in the first place that on November 23, Grant Newburger—well known and respected on the South and West sides of Chicago for bringing the revolution to people and helping to form the Revolution Club of Chicago—was charged with one count of felony assault on a cop for literally carrying a banner reading “Justice for Mike Brown” into a downtown intersection on a green light during a protest against the grand jury decision not to charge the cop who killed Michael Brown! Grant was deliberately assaulted by cops using their bicycles as weapons. He was knocked to the ground, striking his head against the pavement.

Now, at the December 17 court hearing, the prosecutors have added two more counts of felony assault on a cop for the same incident. (See a leaflet from the Chicago Revolution Club for background to the case and why the authorities are out to railroad this revolutionary.)

This needs to be widely condemned, and people rallied so it will backfire—the charges need to be dropped, and many more people need to step into the struggle against police brutality and help build the movement for revolution.

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