NYC: Indict Murdering Police, Not People Protesting Police Murder!

December 16, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


After a march of over 25,000 people through New York City demanding an end to police brutality and murder on December 13, NYC police commissioner Bratton posted photos of six protesters accused of trying to free another protester from the clutches of police. He announced at a press conference that was broadcast nationally on CNN, that the police were hunting for these protesters: "We do not take attacks [sic] on police officers lightly — never have, never will." Going after these protesters is part of what seems to be a larger trend of increasingly vicious attacks on those demanding justice for victims of police murder (see Chicago: Oppose the Vicious and Outrageous Charges Against Those Who Protested Police Murder!)

Meanwhile the NYPD and every police department in AmerKKKa brutalizes, terrorizes and murders Black people without fear or prosecution.

There will never be justice for Michael Brown, for Eric Garner, for Tamir Rice, for John Crawford… for so many more, without determined struggle. Those who send their police to terrorize and kill people of color, and their paid mouthpieces in the media, and those who fear righteous resistance more than they hate injustice…  have no right to define what is a “good protester” against police brutality and murder.

Indict murdering police, not people protesting police murder!

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